Why ABUN Academy

Our school is in the city center of Jebel Dinka which is near and transport cost free.
Affordable school fees.
We have qualified teachers.
Computer skills training as part of lessons to practice ICT/Computer Lab
Spacious classes and conducive environment, that is controlled and secure compound
Effective teachings.
Morning programs (every Monday) to train students on public speaking and confidence building and we develop the God-fearing generation which includes Morning prayers, Singing of National Anthem of South Sudan and Gospel songs, local and international news announcement, asking general questions of concern on different subjects etc.
We train students on critical thinking skills by giving them easy to write.
Strict rules observance that allow the child to learn without fear and many more.

The main subjects taught at ABUN Academy Secondary School are South Sudan Curriculum based.

Computer Science

Hands-on experience with the latest programming languages and technology. We have trained IT professionals who work closely with our students so they are prepared for the real world.

Fine Arts

Giving wings to the artists who’d like to take it up as a career or just a hobby. Our students are trained by professionals who help them develop, learn and polish their skills while at school.


The study of ancient and modern languages, philosophy, history, and more. We take pride in offering top humanity courses from a dedicated and trained staff.


The study encourages scientific reasoning, discoveries and inventions. Great teachers and well-equipped laboratories help students explore, discover and experiment new things under the best supervision.


Understanding the game of numbers and logic to solve real world problems. Learn mathematics from scholars and university toppers who not make it interesting, but also fun to learn.

ABUN Academy Award the talented students
The school will sponsor any student (s) that will be in top ten in National Examinations of South Sudan 50% of the University first year tuition fees.
Sponsor the first students (number ones) in one term by paying 50% of the fees
Award the best performing students with T-shirts, certificates and other materials like books
Award the talented students in games and other school activities with necessary materials
Recognized all the efforts of the Students who did the best and teachers yearly during the parents’ day or school day.
We shall be dominating the top ten of the National Examinations and beyond.

ABUN Academy Secondary School Full Time teachers

Rev. Michael Garang Garang

Head Master – ABUN Academy Secondary School
University of Juba, School of Education, Department of Geography and History, Bachelor Degree (division One) 2015-2020.
Pursuing Masters in History, University of Juba 2022-2024
Advanced Certificate in C.R.E (Conflict Resolution Education) for 1 year at WPDI, Juba.

Emano Aguer Aguer

Diploma in Natural Resources Management, School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Juba 2019-2023.
2010-2012 Teacher at Akuakngap Primary School and as a student at the same time for lower classes.

Runde Kau Nak

Mathematics teacher
Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Second Class Honours, (Upper Division) St. Lawrence University, Kampala-Uganda.
One Stop Border Post training at Malaba custom Computer Course and Math Verifying Security controls.

Ngarjok Majok Awuou

Chemistry Teacher
5th Year Medical Student, University of Upper Nile.
Deputy Head Master, St. Thomas Senior Secondary School.
Teacher at Bahr El Ghazal Secondary School.

Marko Lual Ater

Pursuing Bachelor Degree at Starford International University College, Juba, (International Relations and Diplomacy) 3rd year.
Diploma in Great Teaching of the Bible, Khartoum, Sudan.
9 days certificate Livelihood Program baseline survey.
Many two days trainings on protection mainstreaming, cash base response programming, hygiene and sanitation promotion and business startup and management.
Teacher, Rolngut Primary School, NBGS
Supervisor, 5th Sudan and Household Census

Maluac Ariik Awur Mayen,

Geography Teacher
3rd year student, pursuing Bachelor Degree in Public Administration at the University of Juba.
Teacher at Luonyaker Primary School and Nelson Mandela Memorial High School respectively.

Nyuol Atak Nyuol Akol

English language and Literature teacher
Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature, University of Juba, school of Arts and Humanities.
Volunteer Teacher, at Marol Deng Geng primary school, NBGS.
teacher at Aweil Madina Modern Secondary School and Progressive Junior Secondary School respectively, in Aweil Town, NBGS.

Ajith Ajith Pioth

Commerce and Accounts teacher
Diploma in Economics and Banking, University of Juba
Work experience.
Project Facilitator Action Against Hunger organization.
CEO of United Family Holding (UFH).
Team Leader, Action Against Hunger organization.

Abraham Mou Deng Juac

History teacher
Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Nutrition Studie, School of Community Studies and Rural Development University of Juba.
Immunization Survey staff, World Health Organization.
Polling Staff, National Election Commission, NBGS.
Observer, Sudanese Network for Democratic Election (SUNDE).

John Machiek Kawaja

Physics teacher
Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Forestry, School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Juba.
Teacher at Comboni Primary School, Mapuourdit, Lakes State.
certificate in Public Speaking and Debate, by African Voice.

John Duer Lual

Biology and Additional Mathematics as well as ALP Mathematics Teacher
3rd year student Pursuing Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Engineering, University of Juba, School of Engineering and Architecture.
Teacher at Comboni Secondary School in Aweil Town, NBGS.
teacher at MMI School, Juba.